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At La Rosas Wedding Chapel, we understand that every love story is unique, and we believe that your wedding venue should reflect the individuality of your journey together. With a legacy dating back to 1989, we offer an array of enchanting venues to cater to your distinct preferences. Picture saying 'I do' within the timeless charm of our historic Chapel on Calle Cuatro in downtown Santa Ana, where every corner exudes romance and warmth. For those dreaming of a beachfront ceremony, our ministers are ready to officiate amidst the breathtaking landscapes of California's pristine beaches. If you envision an elegant affair within the walls of a hotel or the ambiance of a fine restaurant, we've got you covered. La Rosas Wedding Chapel is not just a venue; it's a canvas where your vision comes to life. Choose your venue, and let us bring your dream wedding to reality. Our team, led by Minister Javier Meneses, is dedicated to ensuring that your special day is a reflection of your love story – unique, beautiful, and unforgettable. Explore the possibilities, and let the journey to your happily ever after begin with La Rosas."

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Our Mission

Nestled within historical Santa Ana, California, our exquisite event venue in Orange County offers an enchanting setting for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. With over two decades of family ownership, we take great pride in curating unforgettable moments. Our commitment to love without boundaries is reflected in our non-denominational ceremonies, where our dedicated ministers craft personalized experiences that honor your unique love story.

Our Ministers

Our ministers are at the heart of our commitment to making your special day truly meaningful and unique. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the significance of your ceremony, they are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your wedding is a reflection of your love story.

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December - 14 - 2022

The Proposal

Mesmerised by her skill, he found himself coming to that area day after day, trying to catch a glimpse of the mystery artist behind the bright strokes. Emily happened to notice the interested man and his undying adoration for her art.

Decided to hide a message in one of her paintings, inviting him to meet her at a delightful café in the city's centre.

Our Engagement

He'd been preparing this moment for weeks, hoping it would be as wonderful as their love. He took a deep breath and stared into her eyes, which sparkled like the stars above, with the ring safely in his pocket.Her pulse beat with excitement.

As they wandered along the curving route, feeling that something extraordinary was about to happen.

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January - 24 - 2023

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